Who are we?

We are disruptors. We are designers. We are visionaries. We are Baton Rouge Glasses.

In 2016, co-founders, who happen to be husband and wife, Shawn and Tracy Parker saw a problem and an opportunity. The problem was that prescription eyewear was too expensive and frankly, poorly designed. The opportunity was a chance to disrupt the eyewear industry and design high-quality eyewear at a fraction of the cost. With a solid background in product design and a defiant nature, they started on the journey that is Baton Rouge Glasses.

Baton Rouge Glasses philosophy is simple: deliver high quality, high end designer eyewear at a groundbreaking price. We believe that prescription eyewear is a right that should be accessible to anyone and everyone, and more than that, that glasses are an incredible expression of individualism that should be encouraged full heartedly.

We hope you enjoy our high-quality product, our low prices and our unique designs. That’s what we’re here for and although the big eyewear companies might not like it, we’re not going anywhere.

Our product

We are proud to deliver unique and varied frames that employ high-end and on-trend design techniques using the highest quality materials available.

Our mission

We have four goals at Baton Rouge Glasses:

  1. To make glasses affordable and accessible to everyone.
  2. To create high end, unique designs that allow people to express themselves.
  3. To create a product that is unmatched in both quality and price.
  4. To give back to society by helping restore vision worldwide.
A revolution in prescription eyewear.

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